Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Keywords - Jaaxy Style

Now this is the most important step you are going to take so far and if you have a keyword tool you like already, well and good.
However, The Jaaxy keyword tool is the best, hands down.

As an internet marketer, for lack of a better word I have used a lot of tools over the years and athough this will sound like I am plugging Jaxxy in this post, affiliate links and all, I can assure you that I could recommend any number of keyword tools and earn from sign ups as an affiliate.

Im choosing to recommend Jaaxy because I have had great results with it.

I am an affiliate of market samurai too but I dont recommend it here because its slow and I just dont think its worth the (one time) fee.

With Jaaxy you get 30 free searches when you sign up, so it's worth doing. After that it's $19 per month. You don't have to add your payment details when you sign up so that at least is reassuring for anyone who's a little skeptical.

I will admit that this is my second month using Jaaxy and I will be continuing to use it. So far I have only tested it out on a couple of Squidoo lenses, two to be exact. However those two are now my top ranked lenses and one I published only 3 weeks ago has already made 18 sales If you use Squidoo then you know that is pretty impressive for a new lens. If you don't then trust me, it's pretty impressive for a new lens.

 You can try out the Jaaxy Keyword Tool Here

I could go into explaining here how Jaaxy works, but if you sign up you will be able to see for yourself that it's pretty self explanatory. You search for a keyword, it will return a list of results which are color coded, red is a hard keyword, green is easy. It's quick and that simple. I will do a tutorial on Jaaxy in the next post or two but I will be using it for research on my test blog so you will be able to see how I use it when we get started over there. Like I said if you already use a tool and are happy with the results it gives you, you can skip this step altogether. The next few posts will be a bit more interesting, I promise!

  Coming up

  • Using Jaaxy to research Keywords for your new blog
  • Setting up your New Blog using your Keywords
  • Writing and publishing your first post
  • Choosing Affiliate programs for your blog
  • Why you don't want to use Adsense on your blog.
  • Post Structure, building a strong internal link system for your blog.